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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Independence Day !

Dear all at Saab,

it is amazing to see what kind of task you are carrying on your shoulders and how brave you fight with it. Your work deserves a big respect.

The first year is behind you. It was definitely a hard year : competition, economical crisis, push on prices, technology development, customer expectations, internal things etc etc. But on the other hand, reading all the comments from fans around the Web, who can claim a more positive response, enthusiasm and loyalty from the drivers of a car brand than you ? In my country (Slovakia) Saab drivers are waving and smiling at each other when they meet each other on the road. Yes, our metal babies are something unique. Cars which we drive with passion and from which we dont like to step out from.

I'd like to wish you good luck, a lot of energy and results, which you need to survive. The battle is not over, but you have some very good cards in your hand and hopely some aces in the sleeve. Looking forward to them.

Happy 1st year of Independence !

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